4 Types of Composition Notebooks:

  • Notebook for Right-Handed
  • Notebook for Left-Handed
  • Notebook for Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD Kids
  • Notebook for a specific subject in Class: Black&white Notebook – Colored Notebook

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letter spacing mark paper

Letter Spacing Mark: Kids with dysgraphia can improve their writing skills and keep their letters and numbers tidy on the page

Colored Graph Paper 2

Colored Graph Paper notebook: It helps the elementary school-age kid keep long math and fraction problems straight lines.

4 Types of Composition Notebooks: 3

Highlighted Writing notebook: The wider Lines might be easier to see and follow for ASD Kids with certain vision problems

Colored mind mapping paper

Mind Mapping notebook: By associating different colors with different ideas, ADHD can create a more engaging mind map that is easier to remember and focus

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