A Gratitude Book for Kids to Discover Thankfulness in 33 Days

Welcome to my new Gratitude book for Kids: “How to practice gratitude in 33 Days”! This delightful book takes young readers on an adventure of gratitude, where they’ll embark on a 33-day journey filled with captivating pictures and inspiring rhymes.

Heartwarming Pictures and Personal Poems

Each day, children will explore the magic of thankfulness as they encounter heartwarming stories of different characters. With specially designed blank pages for writing and drawing, kids can also express their thoughts and ideas, making this book a truly personal experience.

A Gratitude Book for Kids to Discover Thankfulness in 33 Days 1

Gratitude Bedtime Story: Inspiring Conversations Before Sleep

Each day, young readers will discover a suggested activity that encourages them to practice gratitude in simple yet meaningful ways.

Before midnight, Reading Poems together is a beautiful way to wrap up the day in a positive act, encouraging children to express their gratitude and share their experiences with their loved ones.

A Gratitude Book for Kids to Discover Thankfulness in 33 Days 2

Blank page journal: Empowering Artistic Expression in Children

The book offers blank pages specifically designed for drawing and artwork, which allows children to express their ideas, emotions, and interpretations visually. It fosters their artistic skills, encourages experimentation, and promotes self-expression through colors, shapes, and forms.

Children write on Gratitude book

Nurturing Gratitude: Cultivating Thankfulness for a Lifetime

Through the combination of daily activities and the Gratitude Bedtime Poem, this book creates a nurturing environment where children can cultivate thanks for the world around them and develop lifelong gratitude habits.

Developing lifelong gratitude habits enriches children’s lives by fostering positivity, empathy, and stronger relationships and enhancing their happiness and contentment.

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Get ready for a magical journey of connection and gratitude!

A Gratitude Book for Kids to Discover Thankfulness in 33 Days 3

Gratitude Poems and blank page Journal

• 33 pictures: each representing a day in a child’s 33 days to practice gratitude.

•33 designed blank pages: ideal for children starting kindergarten or pre-primary school

Dinosaur and Unicorn Wide Ruled Notebook:

Dinosaur notebook
Dinosaur notebook
Unicorn notebook
Unicorn notebook

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